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Add inline trustmarks to WordPress
Add inline trustmarks to WordPress
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Note Please ensure you have updated your Wordpress plugin to version 1.8.1 or greater.

Inline trustmarks help to reassure concerned visitors in key engagement areas like the checkout and email signup forms.

To add the trustmarks to your Wordpress site, simply add the following shortcodes in the desired location when creating or editing a page using Text Editor (not Visual Editor):

[trustedsite] - TrustedSite floating trustmark
[trustedsite_form] - TrustedSite Secure Form engagement trustmark
[trustedsite_checkout] - TrustedSite Secure Checkout engagement trustmark
[trustedsite_login] - TrustedSite Secure Login engagement trustmark
[trustedsite_sip] - TrustedSite Shopper Identity Protection engagement trustmark
[trustedsite_banner] - TrustedSite Banner trustmark
[trustedsite_testimonials] - TrustedSite Testimonials trustmark
[trustedsite_hide] - Hide the TrustedSite floating trustmark on a page

All of the engagement trustmarks can be resized using a width parameter. For example, [trustedsite width=150] would be valid. If a width is not specified, the TrustedSite banner will scale responsively with the width of its container. For the TrustedSite testimonials trustmark, you can also specify height.

If you’re experiencing any issues when trying to add the engagement trustmark, please contact our support team.

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