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You can easily report a site to us for investigation by visiting our Report a Site page. We monitor and review reports regularly to ensure that sites using our trustmarks and certification program are adhering to our rules and guidelines.


We offer several reasons for your report. Please select the option that most closely matches your reason for reaching out to us.

  1. Fake trustmark usage. Select this option if you see the TrustedSite trustmark or logo on a website that does not link you to a certification modal or page hosted by TrustedSite, as the website is likely using our trademarks without authorization. You can always check whether a site has actively earned certifications by entering the site into the TrustedSite directory. Please include the URL of the webpage on which you found the unauthorized image in the comment field.

  2. Non-delivery of product. If a site that has earned TrustedSite certifications is non-responsive and not delivering on obligations to their customers, let us know by selecting this option. You can learn more about reporting fraudulent businesses here.

  3. Intellectual property. If the site is using your intellectual property without your permission, you can let us know by selecting this option.

  4. Illegal activity. Select this option if the site is using our trustmarks or certifications to promote illegal activity.

  5. Outdated information in the TrustedSite directory. If you've found information via the TrustedSite certification page, modal, or directory that is no longer accurate, you can use this option to report it to us. Please include the information that you believe is outdated or inaccurate in the comment field.

  6. Other. Select this option for all other concerns around a certified site or website using our trustmarks or logos to imply a relationship.

After your submission

If you provide your email while reporting, we may follow up for additional questions or information on the status/outcome of our investigation.

We appreciate you taking the time to report misuse of our trustmarks and/or malicious activity from our certified sites.

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