Why should I upload a company logo?
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On your setup page you may have seen the option to upload a logo. We strongly recommend that you add a logo to your profile as this improves the look and customization of some of the services provided by both McAfee SECURE and TrustedSite. Your logo will appear on your verification page and in review request emails. Here are some things to keep in mind when uploading a logo:

  • Try to upload a high quality file of your logo that includes just your logo or your logo and business name. Avoid uploading anything that contains a lot of text (e.g. your address, phone number, etc)

  • As logos will primarily display on a white background, we recommend using a logo with a white or transparent background.

  • Conversely, you may need to add a background to a white or very lightly colored logo or text as it will likely be illegible on a white background.

  • Please avoid uploading non-logo images. Images that only contain a product, person, or any other unrelated image will not be approved.

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