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Authorize sitemap
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While our search engine submission feature is fully automated and submits a sitemap to major search engines, we recommend authorizing your sitemap for best performance.

  1. Log in to your account.

  2. If you have multiple sites, select the site you'd like to manage.

  3. From the left menu, select Search Submission.

  4. You'll likely see that your sitemap is Not Authorized. To the right of that, click on Authorize Now.

  5. Copy the code provided.

  6. In your site editor, locate your robots.txt file. This should be in your website's root directory, e.g. If your website doesn't already have a robots.txt file, you can simply create one using a text editor.

  7. Paste the code into the robots.txt file and save or upload the file.

For Shopify users: Shopify does not allow modifications of the robots.txt file. However, Shopify sites will still be indexed and the sitemap will still be submitted.

For WordPress users: You can automatically authorize sitemap using the information provided here.

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