Availability Requires TrustedSite Certification Pro and a REVIEWS.io account.

TrustedSite has partnered with REVIEWS.io to make it easier for visitors to access your customer reviews from your TrustedSite certification page.

To integrate REVIEWS.io with your TrustedSite account:

  1. Log in to your account.

  2. If you have multiple sites, select the site you’d like to manage.

  3. From the left menu, select Certifications → Trusted Reviews.

  4. In the Select Reviews Provider dropdown menu, select REVIEWS.io. If your site has an existing REVIEWS.io profile, it will now be integrated with your TrustedSite account. If you do not have a REVIEWS.io account, you will see a link to sign up.

Your TrustedSite certification page will now display your REVIEWS.io star rating and a link to your seller profile where visitors can read reviews from your previous customers.

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