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Earn the Spam-Free certification
Earn the Spam-Free certification
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Availability Requires TrustedSite Certification Pro

The Spam-Free certification helps you get more email signups by alleviating concerns around email spam and personal data protection.

We’ll sign up for your email list and monitor incoming emails, so we can inform visitors that their email has a low risk of being stolen. We’ll also give them a preview of your quality content that’s on the way to their inbox.

To earn this certification, your site must meet the following requirements:

  • TrustedSite Certification Pro

  • Site monitored by Inbox Preview

  • Achieve and maintain a Low Risk rating

If we receive excessive emails from your list or emails from non-related websites (indicating the email has been sold or stolen) your site will lose the Spam-Free certification.

Once your site has earned this certification, you can display the Spam-Free trustmark.

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