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About the Marketing Assets
About the Marketing Assets
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Availability Marketing Assets are available only to enterprise customers that meet certain requirements. Please contact us to learn if you qualify.

What are the TrustedSite Marketing Assets?

We understand that your marketing efforts extend beyond your website and that you may want to use the TrustedSite brand to build trust in ad campaigns, emails, or other areas that cannot support live trustmarks. We created the TrustedSite Marketing Assets so you can do just that.

Permitted usage

You may use the assets according to the following usage rules.

Use in approved places

The following are approved placements for the Marketing Assets:

  • Ad campaigns

    • Including print ads and other offline media

    • Including online ads like video ads, banner ads, social media ads, etc.

  • Emails

  • Social media posts

  • Packaging

Other uses may be permitted. Please contact us if you are unsure about using marketing assets in additional areas.

Include a disclaimer in your fine print

As your certification status and Issue-Free Orders rate may change over time, it’s important that you include a disclaimer that states the following:

“TrustedSite Certification data is accurate as of [date] and may be subject to change. Learn more at”

Include a live trustmark on landing pages

If you’re directing customers to a landing page, whether from an ad, social media post, or email, it should include a live version of the trustmark so visitors can verify that your certifications are up to date.

Avoid the following:

  • Don’t use the marketing asset images on your website. These assets are meant only for areas where it’s not possible to include a live version of the trustmark. For web pages, always use trustmarks.

  • Don’t change the percentages or details of the certifications.

  • Don’t stretch the trustmark, crop it, or make it too small to be legible.

  • Be sure to leave reasonable space (ideally at least one TrustedSite check icon) around the logo

  • Don’t make exaggerated statements next to the trustmark

    • For example, don’t say “We guarantee 100% security.”

  • Don’t make your own custom ‘trustmark’ by changing colors, fonts, etc.

  • Don’t claim you’ve earned certifications that you haven’t earned.

    • For example, don’t say “Our contact information is independently verified” when you haven’t completed this step in your account.

How to display the marketing assets

  1. Log in to your account. Make sure you’re looking at the Certification section of your portal.

  2. If you have multiple sites, select the appropriate site.

  3. In the left navigation bar, select Marketing Assets.

  4. Click on Download Assets.

  5. Select the asset and the filetype you’d like to download.

  6. Add the asset to your creative asset.

  7. Make sure the marketing asset image is incorporated into your design according to the guidelines above.

It’s important that consumers feel confident when seeing TrustedSite certifications. Any attempt to mislead customers or falsify information may result in the termination of your service agreement. If you have any questions, contact us!

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