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Availability Requires TrustedSite Certification Pro


The banner trustmark can display multiple certifications your site has earned and addresses concerns about data protection, business legitimacy, and customer satisfaction.

Requirements to display

  • TrustedSite Certification Pro plan

  • Main code installed

  • Certified Secure certification

Where to display

  • Shopping cart

  • Checkout pages


Copy and paste the following code into the HTML wherever you'd like the trustmark to display:

<div class="trustedsite-trustmark" data-type="1001"></div>

The banner will fill the width of its container at 60px tall.

If your site is certified and enabled for each of the following features, they will display in this order from left to right:

  • Issue-Free Orders

  • Secure Checkout

  • $100k Identity Protection

  • Verified Business

  • No Malware

The number of features that display will vary depending on the width of the banner’s container. If your site does not meet the requirements for a feature, or if you choose to opt-out of one, it will not display in the banner.

Note: TrustedSite trustmarks are served as SVG files and will automatically adjust for optimal legibility on all screen resolutions.

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