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When you log in to your TrustedSite dashboard, you’ll see a graph that tracks the number of visits to your site. You can also change the graph to display trustmark views, trustmark verifications, and purchases. Here’s a breakdown of the differences between these metrics.


One visit represents a unique 24-hour session on a site. Any activity on a device within 24 hours is counted as the same visit. For example, if a customer visits your homepage, a product page, and the checkout page on their smartphone within a 24-hour window, the entire session will count as one visit.

Trustmark Views

Trustmark views are the number of times a trustmark is loaded on a page. If you have 3 trustmarks on your homepage, and your homepage receives 100 hits in one day, you will have 300 trustmark views from just your homepage that day. Trustmark views will generally be significantly higher than visits, but not in all cases.

Trustmark Verifications

This is the number of times your trustmarks have been clicked to open the certification modal. The certification modal displays details about the certifications your site has earned so visitors can shop with confidence.


If you’ve installed the conversion tracking code, the number of purchases made on your site will be tracked and displayed on your dashboard. This code enables you to earn the Shopper Identity Protection and Issue-Free Orders certifications.

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