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Testimonials trustmark
Testimonials trustmark
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Availability Requires TrustedSite Certification Pro


The testimonials trustmark lets you highlight your Issue-Free Orders rate along with positive words from your happy customers, and addresses concerns about business reliability, order fulfillment, and customer satisfaction.

Requirements to display

  • TrustedSite Certification Pro plan

  • Main code installed

  • Certified Secure certification

  • Issue-Free Orders certification

  • At least one testimonial enabled to display

Where to display

  • Home page

  • Footer

  • Shopping cart


Copy and paste the following code into your HTML wherever you'd like the trustmark to appear.

<div class="trustedsite-trustmark" data-type="1002" data-height="150"></div>

To make adjustments to the size and layout of the trustmark, log in to your account and select your site from the Site List if you have multiple sites. From the site overview page, under the Trustmarks section click Testimonials. Select either the horizontal or vertical layout, then add the generated code where you’d like the testimonials to display. The horizontal layout will fill the width of its container at 150px tall. The vertical layout will fill the width of its container at 400px tall.

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