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How Issue-Free Orders and testimonials work for customers
How Issue-Free Orders and testimonials work for customers
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Availability Requires TrustedSite Certification Pro

With Issue-Free Orders, you can display your high rate of customer satisfaction along with testimonials of customers’ experiences to help build visitor trust.

Here is the sequence of events that customers experience when you enable Issue-Free Orders.

1. After completing a purchase, US and Canada based customers will see either the modal or slide up opt-in box on the order confirmation page. Note: If you have selected the Automatic opt-in method, this step is skipped.


Customers outside the US and Canada won’t see information about Shopper Identity Protection in the modal. Instead, they will see a modified version that asks if they would like to offer feedback.


2. If the customer opts-in, after seven days (or a custom amount of days that you choose) they will receive an email asking if their experience on your site was great, OK, or bad. There is also an option to report that they have not yet received their order.


3. If a customer selects great, they will be asked to provide a quick testimonial that you will be able to display on your site with the testimonials trustmark.

If a customer selects OK, they will be thanked and their feedback will be logged in your dashboard.

If a customer says they had a bad experience, they will be prompted to report an issue with details of what went wrong.

If a customer says their order hasn’t arrived yet, the email will be resent after 7 days.

Learn more about the Issue-Free Orders customer experience in this video.

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