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TrustedSite floating trustmark
TrustedSite floating trustmark
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The TrustedSite floating trustmark allows you to immediately establish trust with visitors no matter which page they first arrive on, and addresses concerns about malware and phishing.

Requirements to display

  • TrustedSite Certification Pro or free plan

  • Main code installed

  • Certified Secure certification

Where to display

  • All pages


The floating trustmark is installed when you add the main code to your site.

TrustedSite main code:

<script type="text/javascript" src="" async></script>

By default, the floating trustmark will appear in the bottom right corner of your site. You can optionally select to display the trustmark on the bottom left. You can further refine it's position by setting an offset (in pixels) from the edge of the screen.

Upon loading, the trustmark is fully expanded but will collapse to display only the TrustedSite logo after a short delay.

Note: TrustedSite trustmarks are served as SVG files and will automatically adjust for optimal legibility on all screen resolutions.

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