To add the TrustedSite module to your PrestaShop store:

  1. Download the app from, extract it, and use FTP to upload it to the PrestaShop modules directory.

  2. Log in to the PrestaShop admin dashboard. The URL for this will depend on how the store was configured.

  3. Navigate to the Module Catalog in the dashboard.

  4. Search for TrustedSite in the top bar, and it should appear. Click Install.

  5. After clicking install, click Configure to access the app settings. This is where the user will create an account or log in to an existing account.

  6. If necessary these settings can be revisited from the Module Manager tab in the admin dashboard.

  7. Once the setup is complete, the floating trustmark should appear momentarily on store pages.

  8. For Pro users, the app also supports Shopper Identity Protection. If enabled, US and Canada customers buying from the store will be prompted to sign up for their free insurance upon successful checkout.

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