Can I purchase a subscription directly through McAfee to continue using the McAfee SECURE service?

No, the McAfee SECURE service is being completely discontinued and will not be available for purchase anywhere. Existing McAfee SECURE customers will gain access to new trust-building tools with TrustedSite Certification Pro at no additional cost. New customers can start building trust by signing up for TrustedSite Certification Pro.

What will I need to do to transition my service to TrustedSite?

If you're not using any legacy or non-official trustmarks, no action is required. We'll take care of everything and your visitors will have a seamless transition. If you'd like to use any of the newly available features, we can walk you through that at your convenience, just schedule an appointment.

If you are using legacy HTML trustmarks hosted on or linking to, or, you'll need to update your trustmark code from your account.

If I’m not ready to transition, can I delay the free upgrade to TrustedSite Certification Pro beyond June 30, 2021?

Unfortunately, we cannot delay the transition to TrustedSite.

With the vast majority of the sites we certify moving to the TrustedSite Certification system, we believe strongly that it's in our clients’ best interest to transition swiftly, to avoid consumer doubts caused by use of a legacy product.

Are TrustedSite trustmarks as recognized by consumers as the McAfee SECURE trustmark?

Surveys have shown that yes, consumers do recognize and trust the TrustedSite trustmarks. With their clean, modern design, use of the color green, which symbolizes safety, and the word TrustedSite featured prominently, consumers quickly understand that the trustmarks indicate the site can be trusted. TrustedSite trustmarks, such as the banner trustmark, give consumers even more context into the background of the site by displaying more information about the certifications that the site has earned.

TrustedSite trustmarks have been vigorously tested and have helped many sites achieve a conversion increase with both new and existing customers. Inflow, a leading conversion testing agency had this to say, "We tested Norton and McAfee SECURE trustmarks against TrustedSite on a handful of our clients’ large-scale eCommerce websites. Those tests repeatedly concluded that TrustedSite was the trustmark most likely to lift conversions on those websites."

If you’d like to test the effectiveness of TrustedSite trustmarks on your site, we’re happy to provide a complimentary A/B test to qualifying sites.

What will be the cost of my new TrustedSite Certification Pro plan?

Your existing subscription cost for McAfee SECURE certification will be transferred over to your new TrustedSite plan. Will we continue to honor your current pricing for as long as you renew your subscription.

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