What McAfee SECURE certification customers should expect

On June 30, 2021, existing subscriptions for McAfee SECURE certification will be upgraded to TrustedSite Certification Pro at no additional cost. Your subscription pricing will remain unchanged for as long as you renew the service.

From there, the McAfee SECURE trustmarks on your site will automatically be updated to the TrustedSite Certified Secure trustmark, so there’s no extra work to be done on your part. However, if you’d like assistance optimizing the placement of additional TrustedSite trustmarks, our implementation specialists will be happy to create a complimentary, customized placement strategy for your site. Just schedule an appointment.

In addition, your McAfee SECURE certification page will be transitioned to the TrustedSite certification page. As a new TrustedSite Certification Pro customer, you’ll have the opportunity to earn up to 7 certifications and display them on your TrustedSite certification page. As a previous holder of the McAfee SECURE certification, you’ll earn TrustedSite’s Certified Secure certification automatically.

Please note, if you are using legacy HTML trustmarks hosted on or linking to mcafeesecure.com, scanalert.com or hackersafe.com, you'll need to update your trustmark code from your account.

Moving forward, continue to log in to your account via trustedsite.com.

What TrustedSite Certification Pro customers should expect

For existing TrustedSite certified sites, this transition will bring billions more consumer impressions to the TrustedSite certification system, giving you more value for the service.

On June 30, if you have previously earned the McAfee SECURE certification, it will no longer display on your certification page. Additionally, sites currently displaying the McAfee SECURE trustmark will see it automatically update to the Certified Secure trustmark. If you’d like assistance replacing the McAfee SECURE trustmark with a different trustmark, our implementation specialist will be happy to work with you. Schedule an appointment.

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